Squeaky Clean Comedy 2014


SCC 2014

In 2014 we will be bringing back Squeaky Clean Comedy as well as Comedy on Collins for you!

Partnering with World Vision, this year’s theme is ‘Squeaky Clean Comedy …on yard duty’, as we raise awareness of education programs in indigenous communities.

This year’s show features 8 of Australia’s best clean comedy acts, including DANNY McGINLAYMIKE KLIMCZAKSARAH JONES (ventriloquist), ALMOST EXACTLY CIRCUS (circus), JOEL McKERROW (spoken word poet), and more!

We’d love to see you at the show. Which date works best for you?

Squeaky Clean Comedy 2014 will be on for THREE nights only: 29th march, 5th and 12th April at 7:30 pm at the Melbourne City Conference Centre.

Tickets on sale now! Be quick! Click here to purchase your tickets or use the BOOK NOW button!

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