Squeaky Clean Comedy


28 March - 11 April


Melbourne City Conference Centre, 333 Swanston St, Melbourne


$50 Premium, $40 Full, $32 Conc, $28 Grp (8+)

Sat 28 March, Sat 4 April & Sat 11 April

7.30pm (2 hour gala event)

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Community Access Program

Our Community Access Program is designed to give everyone should have access to the arts. Please email us here if you would like to apply as a beneficiary or sponsor a ticket.

Australia’s premier clean comedy event turns 5!

About the show

When Squeaky Clean Comedy began, it was the only overtly clean show aimed at adults in the whole of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Now it has become one of the largest and most loved shows of the Festival.

Squeaky Clean Comedy is a two and half hour gala event, featuring an array of stand up and physical comedy performers, supported by our army of trusty janitors! This is clean comedy aimed at adults but suitable for all ages.

Join us as we continue our partnership with World Vision and try to raise support for their work supplying clean water and sanitation in Timor-Leste.

$50 Premium, $40 Full, $32 Conc, $28 Grp (8+)

Sat 28 March, Sat 4 April & Sat 11 April

7.30pm (2 hour gala event)

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The 2015 Squeaky Clean Comedy Line-Up:

Tim Ellis

Tim Ellis is Australia’s most highly awarded magician – known around the world for his original, innovative and entertaining approach to the art of magic.

Highly sought after for his engaging style, for over 40 years Tim has been featured in hundreds of Australian and international magazines, press articles, and television shows including ‘Hey Hey It’s Saturday’, ‘Today’, ‘Sunrise’, ‘Good Morning Australia’, ‘Location Location: Amazing Homes’ and ‘Fox News’ (USA). 

He is also one of the most consulted experts in magical matters for film, television, theatre and even other magicians.
Tim delivers a high-energy, stunning comedy magic show guaranteed to leave any audience on the edge of their seats – when they aren’t falling off them with laughter… 

From being buried alive, breaking Guinness World Records or even performing at Hollywood’s famous “Magic Castle”, Tim is at home in any situation that calls for a little dexterous deception.

“Ellis is witty, truly engaged, and magical.” – Helen Razer, The Age
“★★★★ Without understating Ellis’ sleight of hand and talent for misdirection, it’s his showmanship that keeps you spellbound. His timing, comic flair and charisma ensure there’s never a dead moment.” – Cameron Woodhead, The Age
Tim is a superb showman, his material is always business- and family-friendly, and his magic is astounding.- Tom Ogden, Hollywood
“Very entertaining dinner show. I laughed so much, I cried”
– Stephen Shepherd, Recruitment & Consulting Services Association

“On several occasions I have seen Tim Ellis bring an audience to complete pandemonium. He is an exceptional comedy magician and I love his work.”
– Eugene Burger, Living Legend of Magic

“He walked on stage at FISM and did 3 minutes, tearing the place apart. We were in hysterics!” “As soon as I could find him I signed him to come all the way from Australia to do one three minute trick. This you don’t want to miss.”
– Pete Biro, MAGIC Magazine, USA

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Matt Elsbury

Over fifteen years in comedy, Matt Elsbury has performed around the world, including the UK, South-East Asia, and the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and has travelled Australia as an MC, as touring partner with Carl Barron and Anh Do, and as a headliner in his own right.

Seen on the ABC and the Comedy Channel, heard on the Austereo network nationally, and read in Beat Magazine, Matt’s incisive views on music, the news, popular culture, sport and life in general have been described as “classic stand-up with bite. Four stars.” (Herald-Sun).

A veteran of twelve Melbourne International Comedy Festivals, Matt, quite simply, knows how to make ‘em laugh.

“…performs with accurate professionalism, with each punchline being delivered with impact.”,
”…consistently amusing.” – chortle.co.uk
“Matt Elsbury mercilessly skewers the morons of modern life…” – The Age(2009)
“…takes us on a bleak and funny tour of a world drained of truth.” – The Age (2007)

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Thomas Green

Thomas Green is a stand up comedian, actor and radio presenter with an interesting plot twist: he’s also a middle school teacher.
Green is known for having a face of elasticity, a unique story-telling style and a highly energetic stage presence. He first ignited his comedy career in 2007 when he entered Triple J’s RAW Comedy Competition. Since then, Green has performed in four shows at the Adelaide Fringe, beginning with ‘Village Idiots’ (2008), before going solo with ‘Youthful Annotations’ (2012), ‘Sign of the Times’ (2013) and ‘Tomfoolery’ (2014). He saw success in each of his solo shows, having stellar reviews, sold-out crowds and a Fringe Award nomination (Best Comedy Emerging – 2013). He then took his show to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the first time in 2014, again with sell-out crowds.

Green is not limited to the stage however, as he loves to perform on camera as well, and over the past few years, Green has landed some roles that have seen him work with the likes of actors David Wenham and Emily Watson (Oranges and Sunshine, 2009), director Greg McLean (Wolf Creek 2, 2013), and with the Hilltop Hoods (2012), where he was cast as the male lead in their music video for their hit single ‘Shredding the Balloon’. He has also been cast in numerous commercials, as well as the ABC mini-series Anzac Girls (2014) as Captain Alcorn.
Green is also a popular radio presenter at the Adelaide-based community radio station, Fresh 92.7. He has developed a number of popular shows during his time at Fresh, including a successful breakfast show ‘Tom and Shenay’ , along with his drive show.
Green will take his latest show ‘It’s Always Greener’ to both the Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2015, and looks to hit the stage in each of the other states as well.

“Green’s quick-witted exchanges and improvisation with audience members are truly impressive, clever and natural.”
**** – The Advertiser
“Green used his contagious enthusiasm to have a sold-out crowd in stitches”
****½ -RipItUp
“Green’s delivery is colourful and energetic… making him hands down one of the best local comedians on offer.”
– dB Magazine
“A fine balance of silliness, self-deprecation and sarcasm… Green feels like the kind of comedian you can take a date to.”
– heckler.com

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Jonestown are a Melbourne-based sketch comedy duo featuring Nicholas J. Johnson and Sarah Jones. They write and produce strange and delightful sketch comedy. Their debut show, Pyjama Party, was nominated for the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s Golden Gibbo Award. In 2015, they became proud recipients of the Moosehead Award.

Their variety show, Safety House, had an excellent season at the Bally on High Festival and raised funds for the wonderful work of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.
Nicholas J. Johnson is a published author, who has appeared on The Project, Today, Sunrise, Today Tonight, A Current Affair, Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, The Real Hustle (NINE) and The Real Hustle (BBC) and has been heard on Triple J, 3AW and ABC Local Radio. He lives in Preston with his wife and baby daughter.
Sarah Jones lives in Thornbury with her cat and a growing sense of failure.
In The Press
“Far too lovely and weird to not be seen by many more lovely and weird people.”- Aussie Theatre
“The show is sure to delight, disturb and perhaps just cause a few audience members to question their own sanity” – The Herald Sun
“Every element has been given an unexpected twist and it’s not surprising it was nominated for a Golden Gibbo Award” – Squirrel Comedy


Mike Klimczak

Mike is a Squeaky Clean Comedy favourite, whether he’s taking aim at whaling fleets or sharing his wife’s mobile number with the entire audience so that she gets hundreds of TXT messages that say “YOU ARE AWESOME”, you never know what you’re going to get. Squeaky Clean but cutting-edge, Mike slices through current and everyday events, exposing what we all really think but never say.


Beau Stegmann

At just 27, Beau executes his stand-up with a confidence you don’t often see in young performers. Often performing his one man shows in prestigious festivals in Melbourne and throughout Australia, he has delighted both audiences and critics alike.

Warm, honest, engaging and genuinely enjoyable… Beau has always been a great stand-up but now is emerging as a masterful storyteller with genuine character and heart” – Lucy Watson, inbatmania.com

“hilarious and outrageously honest…Beau has excellent comic timing and had a lot of clever and charming stories to tell…The full house was in stitches!” – Jacintha Webster, YAWP Magazine

“Beau executes his stand up with a confidence you don’t often see in young performers…intensely likable!” – artsHub

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Simon Taylor


Simon Taylor is an Australian standup comedian based in Melbourne and LA. He is the host on Channel 31’s flagship show Live on Bowen, broadcast nationally and internationally. He was a writer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno until its completion and also wrote for Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell on the ABC.

“A master of timing” – The Age
“Skilfull comic timing and talent.” – Herald Sun
“This guy is seriously funny” – Heckler
“Don’t miss it.” – Farrago
“Impressive…and funny” – Australian Stage
“Taylor does nothing but bring the funny” – Squirrel Comedy
“Sharp stand-up comedy” – Rip It Up
“Perfectly satisfying and funny from start to finish” – Beat Magazine
“A real showman.” – Weekend Notes

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Jennifer Wong

Sydney comedian Jennifer Wong has written for Good News Week and is a regular guest on Sydney 702 ABC’s Thank God It’s Friday comedy hour.

In 2014 she was one of five writer/performers in the sold-out Sydney Festival food+theatre show, The Serpent’s Table.
She is one of this generation’s most consistent eaters of carbohydrates, which you can hear all about in her comedy festival show, Living in the Pasta.
“Smart wordplay and elegant cheek.” – The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age
“Intelligent, engaging and unashamedly uncool comedy.” Squirrel Comedy
“Sharp story-telling, sizzling insight, considered observation. And puns. Wong is one to watch closely.” Daily Telegraph

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