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A home with a manicured lawn, colourful flowers,fresh paint and symmetrical landscaping to showcase excellent curb appeal.

Maximising Curb Appeal to Boost Your Property Value

A house’s curb appeal is the very first impression it makes on potential buyers. While the interior is important, a home’s exterior and landscaping play a pivotal role in attracting buyers and boosting a property’s value and marketability. Investing in upgrades to make a great first impression can increase a home’s worth and help it sell faster.

Enhance Landscaping to Boost Curb Appeal

Landscaping is one of the most impactful ways to increase curb appeal. Well-designed gardens, lawn care, and foliage can significantly improve a home’s first impression.

  • Plant flowers and shrubs. Flower beds and foundation plantings filled with colourful, visually pleasing flowers and shrubs make a home more welcoming. Annuals add vibrant pops of colour that change with the seasons. Evergreen shrubs and ornamental grasses provide year-round structure.
  • Define the entryway. Framing the front door and walkway to the home with plants, trees, or decorative mulch creates an inviting path for buyers. Container gardens on the front porch greet visitors.
  • Maintain the lawn. A lush, green, weed-free lawn shows buyers the home is well cared for. Aeration, overseeding, fertilizer, and routine mowing make for a pristine lawn.
  • Add hardscaping. Pathways, borders, and retaining walls made of materials like brick, stone, or concrete add permanent structure. Consider a driveway upgrade to pavers or poured concrete.
  • Light the landscape. Strategically placed landscape lighting illuminates trees, accent areas, and the home’s architecture in an attractive way after dark.
  • Clean up planting beds. Define planting beds by edging and refreshing mulch. Prune overgrown trees and shrubs. Remove dead or dying vegetation.

Make Exterior Improvements to Update Curb Appeal

Along with the landscaping, the home’s exterior finishes, entryway, and other details influence that all-important first impression. Consider these upgrades:

  • Front door. A new, stylish front door in a rich colour adds instant curb appeal. Surround it with decorative trim, sidelights, or a transom window.
  • House siding. Replace worn or dated siding with vinyl, shingle, brick, stone, or other on-trend materials. Clean and re-paint existing siding if in good condition.
  • Roofing. A new roof in good condition signals to buyers the home is well maintained. Consider metal or architectural shingles.
  • House trim. White or black trim provides contrast to the siding. Clean trim and paint with fresh coats of exterior grade paint.
  • Exterior lighting. Add stylish fixtures by the front door, on porches, and along walkways. Up lighting in trees adds ambiance.
  • Hardware. Update house numbers, mailboxes, handles, and other exterior hardware for a cohesive look.
  • Driveway. Resurface a driveway, or upgrade it to concrete, brick pavers, or decorative aggregate for long-lasting curb appeal.

Create Balanced Aesthetics for Maximum Impact

It’s important all elements work together cohesively when improving curb appeal. Follow these tips:

  • Stick to a cohesive colour scheme and style that complements the home’s architecture.
  • Balance plants of different heights, forms, and foliage colours and textures.
  • Use an odd number of plantings for beds – 3, 5, or 7 work well.
  • Repeat plant varieties and materials in different areas to tie the look together.
  • Make sure additions like lighting and hardscaping enhance (not overwhelm) the natural elements.
  • Clean up and maintain improvements so they continue boosting curb appeal over time.

The Value of Great Curb Appeal

Improving a home’s curb appeal pays dividends when selling. Curb appeal projects usually cost less than major renovations, yet they can have an outsized impact on perceived home value.

Quality landscaping and exterior upgrades show potential buyers the home is well-cared for. This builds confidence in the condition of the interior as well. Great curb appeal draws more buyers in. It inspires them to linger when they first visit instead of quickly ruling the house out.

The right improvements make an average home look above average. They entice buyers to take a closer look and consider paying top dollar. When it comes time to sell, ensure your home makes a fantastic first impression with smart investments in curb appeal.