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An outdated kitchen with peeling wallpaper, bad lighting, and DIY tile backsplash detracts from home value.

10 Common Mistakes That Decrease Property Value

When selling a home, you want to showcase it in the best light and maximise the sale price. Avoid these 10 all-too-common mistakes that could decrease your property’s value in the eyes of potential buyers.

1. Ignoring Curb Appeal

A shabby, unappealing exterior prevents buyers from even wanting to look inside. Overgrown landscaping, peeling paint, cracked walkways, dirty windows, etc. give the impression of a poorly maintained home.

2. Going Overboard with Décor

Loud wallpaper, flashy paint colours, and overwhelming décor make spaces feel smaller. Stick to neutral, modern colour schemes and minimise clutter so the home feels open and appealing.

3. Outdated Kitchen or Bath

These rooms sell homes, so dated appliances, cabinets, fixtures, and flooring can deter buyers who fear a renovation. Even minor updates like hardware and lighting can modernise things.

4. Poor Flow and Layout

Chopped-up floor plans, tiny rooms, and lack of open concept spaces are less desirable. Fix awkward layouts by opening walls, reconfiguring entryways, and creating multifunctional rooms.

5. Ignoring Repairs

Leaky faucets, cracked tiles, squeaky floors, loose railings, etc. are red flags of bigger issues. Take care of repairs and improve problem areas so they don’t turn off buyers.

6. Forgetting the Roof

A worn out roof drastically lowers home value and necessitates a very expensive replacement. Have the roof inspected and make repairs before listing so it’s one less thing for buyers to worry about.

7. Neglecting HVAC

Problems like inadequate cooling, improper ventilation, high energy bills, etc. due to an outdated HVAC system deter buyers. Upgrade the system to improve comfort and efficiency.

8. Poor Lighting

Dark, gloomy spaces feel unwelcoming. Increase brightness with skylights, recessed lighting, accent lighting, and larger windows to boost the ambiance.

9. Bad Odours

Lingering odours from smoke, pets, cooking, etc. are very off-putting. Use primer, oil-based paints, and air purification systems to eliminate bad smells.

10. DIY Disasters

Unprofessional repairs and remodels make the home look shoddy. Fix DIY mistakes like crooked tiling, sloppy paint, and uneven floors which decrease perceived value.

Avoiding these key mistakes and showcasing your home in its best possible light can maximise the sale price and return on investment.